Chocolate placemats 48x32cm 12u.

Pre-cut in roll.


Placemats 48×32 cm in chocolate and 100% cotton, presented in roll of 12 units. Perfect for dressing the table in more formal celebrations and events. An intense and elegant colour to dress all types of tables.

  • Single-use textile product.
  • Soft touch, 100% cotton.
  • Seamless, maximum hygiene.
  • Saving in washing costa and organization.
  • Customizable: turn the napkin into a powerful marketing tool.





pre-cut in roll

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100% Textile
100% Textile
Sin costuras
Saving in washing
Saving in washing
Un sólo uso o reutilizables

100% cotton single-use placemats.

100% cotton placemats, seamless, pleasant to touch and high absorption. Innovative single-use fabric so that professionals in the hotel and catering sector can have quality products, saving in time and maintenance costs.

Placemats of 48×32 cm, perfect for dressing the table in more formal celebrations and events. Chocolate enables you to create a distinguished atmosphere, with character and cosy.

They can be accompanied by napkins or table runners of the same colour or combined with more than 20 different shades.

MY DRAP is de detail that makes the difference. Only single-use fabric in the market that allows you to dress the table with elegance without renouncing the flexibility and convenience that the professionals in the sector require.