Sand coasters for events 11x11cm 50u.

Coasters or napkins. Pre-cut in roll.


Coasters for events 11×11 cm in sand and 100% cotton, presented in roll of 50 units. Perfect for accompanying aperitifs or as coasters in more formal events. Sand bring a shade of warmth to the table.

  • Single-use textile product.
  • Soft touch, 100% cotton.
  • Seamless, maximum hygiene.
  • Saving in washing costa and organization.
  • Customizable: turn the napkin into a powerful marketing tool.





pre-cut in roll

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100% Textile
100% Textile
Sin costuras
Saving in washing
Saving in washing
Un sólo uso o reutilizables

100% cotton single-use coasters

100% cotton seamless coasters for events, pleasant to touch and high absorption. They combine the quality of cotton with the advantages of single-use coasters: hygienic, occupy less storage space and enable savings in costs and organisation of washing.

Cotton coasters of 11×11 cm, perfect for accompanying aperitifs or as coasters in more formal events. A colour that evokes nature, ideal for enjoying a relaxing meal in a cosy setting.

You can combine the placemats and other coasters of different sizes. They can also be customised according to your needs and thus achieve a unique and exclusive product.

MY DRAP is a brand with a great deal of experience in the textile sector. It has an extensive catalogue of coasters for events, table coasters , placemats and table runners. The only single-use fabric in the market, perfect for professional use in the hotel and catering sector.