Our centenary family textile business group was founded in Barcelona in 1917. As a result of our team’s experience and our tradition of creativity and innovation, we design and manufacture our own products, which we market all over the world. We also provide textile finishing services for both large and small companies.

Based on our five core values of quality, experience, creativity and innovation, agility and sustainability, TEXIA enthusiastically embraces the responsibility of helping to make the textile industry more sustainable by continuously developing our own products and technologies.

At TEXIA Finishing, we provide high-quality textile printing and finishing services to both large and small textile companies using our own technologies and through technological joint ventures.

Our proprietary, pioneering Seamless technology avoids the need for stitching. This means we can reduce our consumption of energy and raw materials. We manufacture our own leading products in a range of sectors and market them all over the world under the My Drap and Roll Drap brands.

TEXIA is a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), an international non-profit dedicated to improving cotton farming worldwide to ensure a better future for the environment and the textile sector.